Music Together Stomp は橋本、堀之内、多摩永山、聖蹟桜ヶ丘、八王子、高尾教室にてアメリカ発祥の英語音楽プログラム Music Together®を採用した幼児音楽教室です。リトミックや幼児教室の枠にとらわれない自由な雰囲気の中で、0~6歳の子ども達が家族と楽しむ幼児音楽プログラムです。

Music Together Stomp は橋本、堀之内、多摩永山、聖蹟桜ヶ丘、八王子、高尾教室にてアメリカ発祥の英語音楽プログラム Music Together®を採用した音楽教室です。


Music Together

Since 1987, Music Together® has been known as an internationally recognized music program developed in the USA.
This program is based on early childhood education and developmental research, and it is now provided in 40 countries.

“All children are musical”-- children can sing in tune, keep a beat, and participate with confidence in their musical environment.
Music Together believes in this statement and also believes that playing and adult involvement are essential factors for learning and development.

Adults are powerful role models for them and children learn various abilities through imitating adults, and along with that, children explore their curiosities while they play without any pressure from others.
The role of the children is to play on their own, and the role of adults is to show the children how they can react to their environment by letting them watch and feel your enjoyment of everyday lives!
Music Together is tying of extend the children's play with families to the music classrooms as well at their home.

Therefore, Music Together provides non-performance-pressure-classes for children, and adults facilitate children to challenge their developmentally appropriate practices as they simply enjoy music.
Music Together enjoys variety of tonalities, meters, and traditional songs around the world, and we are looking forward to share the joy of music with many families.

Music Together Stomp 橋本教室

  • [Approx. 3min walk from North Exit of JR/Keio Line Hashimoto Stn.]
    Letmedance Studio 5F Hashimoto Daiichi Building 3-17-4 Hashimoto Midoriku Sagamihara Kanagawa

Music Together Stomp 多摩永山教室

  • [Approx. 10min walk from Keio/Odakyu Line Nagayama Stn.]
    Tama Nagayama Information and Education Center 2-5-1 Suwa Tamashi Tokyo

Music Together Stomp 八王子教室

  • [Approx. 5min walk from JR Hachioji Stn. or 7min walk from Keio Hachioji Stn.]
    Y's Dance Studio 2F Kaneko Building 11-2 Yokoyamacho Hachiouji Tokyo

Music Together Stomp 堀之内山教室

  • [Approx. 5min walk from Keio Horinouchi Stn.]
    Dance Studio Bessyo 1-10-7 Bessyo Hachiouji Tokyo

Music Together Stomp 桜ヶ丘教室

  • [Approx. 7min walk from Keio Seisekisakuragaoka. ]
    Studio Cinderella 4-9-3 Blossom Seiseki 2F Sekido Tama Tokyo

Music Together Stomp 堀之内山教室

  • [Approx. 15min walk from JR/Keio Takao Stn. or 12min walk from Keio Hazama Stn. ]
    Oneness Kids Club 1722-7 Soleiyu Building Hazamacho Hachioji Tokyo

Music Together Stomp 西八王子教室

  • [Approx. 7min by bus from JR Nishi-Hachioji Stn.]
    Hachioji Sports Club 4-20-10 Motohongocho Hachioji Tokyo



〈Spring, Fall, Winter Semester〉
10 Regular Classes + 2 Make-ups = 12week session
⇒21000yen (Materials included)

〈Summer Semester〉
6 Regular Classes + 1 Make-ups = 7 week session
⇒13200yen (Materials included)

We offer trial lessons for spring and summer semesters.
Please contact us for the schedule and details.

Azusa Kuroda